My name is K.C. and I’m from Victoria, BC. I’ve had the privilege to grow up on this beautiful island and to live at home throughout my undergrad. I live in a biracial Canadian-Japanese home and have primarily grown up speaking English with little bits of Japanese with my mother.

I am a fourth-year Health Informatic student graduating at the end of this term. My favourite academic subjects are anything health sciences-related and design. Luckily during my core year, I had the opportunity to take a Usability Design course in Health IT which I found the most enjoyable. Some of my hobbies include playing water polo, exploring the beautiful west coast, and trying new restaurants as I’m a big foodie.

Throughout this term, I hope to learn various online learning design elements as these are valuable skills to learn especially during times of remote learning.

Thanks for reading and I’m looking forward to interacting with you!