Peer Review Pod 11 Interactive Learning Resource

This week’s blog post is a review on Learning Pod’s 11 Interactive Learning Resource on the topic of public goods. After reading the overview for the resource, I was hooked as I know very little on economics (aside from the minimal knowledge I retained from ECON 100) and intrigued to learn more. I had no idea what public goods were and how they are different than any other goods so this was a great start.

I enjoyed how you were able to create real-life connections to help us learners be more engaged and motivated to continue on with the course. I agree with focusing on cognitivism and constructivism as this best suits the course. 

I liked how the course is broken down into several small parts. This allows students to focus on a particular topic (characteristics of public goods, types of public goods, and problems associated with public goods) and master it. Building onto one’s knowledge is a powerful learning design especially for ELL learners as this doesn’t overwhelm them with knowledge that could be particularly harder to grasp than others. In addition, adding visuals and other learning mediums such as quizzes are best suited for all learners. 

The learning outcomes are clear with each building onto the previous. This helps students see an overview of their progression throughout the course. 

I really enjoyed the brief commentary about each topic and activity. This was something my pod didn’t do however we may steal the idea ahah! I enjoyed how each topic was clear and concise with no extra gargon. I also like the estimated number of days you believe each topic should be completed. I noticed the course is condensed into 31 days, would the course only be available in the summer? Following, I greatly enjoyed the mark breakdown for each topic. This gives the students an idea of when the majority of the course load falls. My question in regards to how your course aligns with single-parents… are there specific deadlines for when students are required to submit? Are the group discussion posts asynchronous to fit their busy schedules? Or are there tight deadlines for when the posts are expected to be completed?

Overall, this was very well done! Your pod has put a lot of effort and time into this project and it shows.